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Our London Barrister works across London and the UK

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“Over all it was a good result for the Defendant (Montclare’s Client) especially on general damages.”

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London Barrister

If you have a matter in a London Court, be it a County Court, High Court, or above, we may be able to assist you.

  • A Barrister can speak on your behalf in court.
  • The Public / Direct Access Barrister scheme is available in London so you can instruct a Barrister directly without needing to also incur the cost of a London Solicitor.
  • You can get a Barrister’s Opinion / Advice drafted if you need advice on a particular area of law. The main areas covered include Commercial and Civil Litigation, Property, Landlord & Tenant, Family Law, Bankruptcy / Insolvency and Motoring Offences.

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London Counsel

The Legal Profession in London

London is the heart of the legal profession with the Law Society, Bar Council, Supreme Court all based there. A Barrister performs an important role in providing advocacy across London courts.

Barrister representation is important in disputes in London which require a Lawyer specialising in advocacy. A Barrister can assist with many areas of law, but will have their own specialist areas including:

Commercial Litigation

Civil Litigation

Intellectual Property Barrister

Banking and Financial Disputes

Motoring Barrister

Property Barrister

Landlord and Tenant Law

Family Law

A Barrister can also draft documents for you including, Claim Forms / Particulars of Claim, Defences and applications to the court. A Barrister will also be able to draft a witness statement for you as long as they are not acting in that case.

Other services Barristers provide include advice / opinions on quantum (which means the value of a claim) and liability (who is likely to be found responsible in relation to facts of a claim). A Public Access Barrister can provides these services directly to businesses and members of the public without the need to be instructed separately by solicitors.

Barrister consultations are available at agreed times. The public access scheme does require payment in advance of any work, but a figure can usually be negotiated within the client’s budget depending on the circumstances. A London Public Access Barrister will be able to provide you with Advice, Advocacy and document drafting services.

It is important to consider using a Barrister based in London.

* Subject to type of case and client care letter terms & conditions